About Us

Engineered Industrial services
The REDA group is a leading manufacturer and distributor providing industrial business-to-business solutions.  We deliver a broad range of technology-based products and solutions in the fields of fire protection, safety and security, speciality chemicals, food ingredients, oilfield services, process and laboratory equipment.

With more than 2,000 employees worldwide, including 500 engineers and scientists, we have an unrelenting commitment to excellence in everything we do.  The company operates an international network with more than 50 locations in 30 countries. The REDA group has evolved into a diversified enterprise with businesses across selected industrial sectors.

What We Do

  • Chemicals: REDA Chemicals are leading distributors of speciality chemicals in the Middle-East, Africa, India, Central Asia, South-East-Asia and China.
  • Fire Protection & Safety: REDA Fire & Safety is a leader in fire protection, safety and security, with solid engineering and manufacturing capability.
  • Food Ingredients: REDA Food deliver a portfolio of ingredients serving particularly the dairy, beverage, bakery, meat processing and confectionery industries.
  • Oilfield Services: REDA Oilfield provide chemistry solutions and associated services to the oil and gas industry.

REDA Group has, over the years, developed a range of skills and competencies to successfully deliver value in all its endeavors. Specifically, the Group’s unique strengths include:

  • Our strength lies in our team, with over 1,700 professionals working in full synergy
  • Our reputation for integrity
  • A network of local and international contacts and partnerships
  • A Proven track record of establishing and running productive ventures
  • Extensive knowledge of the various markets where we operate
  • Access to funding, financial resources and good credit rating in the local and international financial system